Russia’s Mozhayski Battlefleet Prepares To Join Dystopian Wars

April 30, 2021 by fcostin

Warcradle Studios have now announced this month's pre-orders, set to release at the end of May 2021, and there are two new releases heading over to the rough seas of the Dystopian Age. As Dystopian Wars welcomes a brand new Battlefleet for the Commonwealth faction, and a new set of Frontline Squadrons for the Celestian Empire.

Mozhayski Battlefleet Set // Dystopian Wars

The Mozhayski Battlefleet is an integral cog to support Mother Russia. The set contains the flagship, Mozhayski Fleet Carrier, x2 Khatange Class Carriers, x2 Stoletov Class Ekranoplans, and x4 SRS Tokens. Each cruiser in the box can be built as either a Morosko or Pravada Class. Giving you more options and customisation to your fleet.

Mozhayski Battlefleet Set // Dystopian Wars

The first release for the Commonwealth saw the Borodino Class Battleship, Kutsov Class Cruisers with alternative builds, and Rurik Class Frigates, which can be found in the Hunt for the Prometheus - Two Player Starter Set. Second to the Commonwealth Frontline Squadrons which are ideal to bolster up those Commonwealth fleets.

Empire Frontline Squadron // Dystopian Wars

Celestian Empire fans can now start to plan for back-up, as the Frontline Squadrons are making their way to the tabletop this month. As the previous release of the Ning Jing Battlefleet has carved its legacy within the Dystopian Age, players can now fortify their fleets with brutal Chinese reserves. 

These newest releases coming to Dystopian Wars are available to pre-order at your FLGS, Wayland Games and a vast range of online stores.

What faction are you most looking forward to in Dystopian Wars? 

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"The Mozhayski Battlefleet is an integral cog to support Mother Russia..."

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