Steampunk Lily & Alamo Airfield from Spartan Games

November 21, 2011 by brennon

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A few more goodies from Spartan Games to round off our beginner look at Dystopian Wars this week. First off, check out Lily sculpted by the guys at Spartan from some of their great steampunk concept art.

Lily Concept Art

Lily 1

Lily 2

Not bad, and maybe we will actually see some more miniatures from Spartan Games showing off the characters of not just Dystopian Wars but Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada too. However, the theme this week from Spartan has certainly been airfields and so here is the Alamo Class Mobile Airfield for the Federated States of America...

Alamo Class Mobile Airfield Front

Alamo Class Airfield Detail

Alamo Class Airfield Comparison

A pretty heavy hitting piece of hardware there for the American players out there. A terrifying prospect for even the mighty Metzger robot!

Would you folks buy yourselves a Lily?

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