Warcradle Announce The Dystopian Age

December 4, 2017 by dracs

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Warcradle Studios have released a video discussing their plans for some of their games and how they are bringing them together into a new shared universe they are calling the Dystopian Age.

Dystopian Age

The big news of this is that Dystopian Wars will be seeing something of a reboot, with its background getting melded with that of Wild West Exodus.

The two steampunk settings should go together well, with their differences providing plenty of room for new developments and unexpected additions. I believe it will also allow Wild West Exodus to expand beyond its enclosed, American setting and let us see how the rest of the world looks and acts beyond its borders.

Dystopian Wars

In the video, we also got a look at some new ships that will be sailing out for Dystopian Wars.

Brittanian Crown Class Battleship

Celestial Ninjing Class Battleship

Union Constitution Class

Union Constitution Class model

Each of these designs looks to be a pretty cool update on the original Spartan Games one. The Celestial Ninjing Class Battleship (centre) is particularly impressive and has me tempted to turn away from my Brittanian fleet.

However, the most intriguing has to be these concept pieces.

Dystopian Age Preview

OK, that is pretty cool, very high tech and... Wait a minute, does that say "whale construct launcher"?

Whale Construct

That is both incredibly cool, and rather disturbing. Given the level of technology, I initially thought this might be the new Covenant of Antarctica, or maybe it's Wild West Exodus' Watchers. Could the two factions be working together?

Armoured Clash

Moving from sea to land, we also have some previews for Armoured Clash.

Cromwell Class Tank

Rolling Thunder

Ironhide Utility Vehicle

With these vehicles, we see more of the cross-pollination of styles between Wild West Exodus and Dystopian wars, particularly the the Rolling Thunder (centre) and Ironhide Utility Vehicle (bottom).

Even with the smaller scale, they are very well detailed models and they looked the part for this new Dystopian Age.

If you have any questions you want to ask Warcradle, they have announced that they will launching a live Q&A session on December 8th.

What changes do you hope to see with this new Dystopian Age? What do you want to stay the same?

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