It’s the Year of the Dragon in Spartan Games’ Dystopian World

June 24, 2014 by dracs

Spartan Games have come up with something rather exciting for their Dystopian world; a Chinese Dreadnought that is a real fire breathing dragon!

Chinese Federation Dreadnought

That's right, it's a giant, flying mechanical dragon! Which shoots fire. I don't think you can possibly get a more awesome statement than that without adding the words "Firefly gets a second season".

Chinese Federation Dreadnought 2

Chinese Federation Dreadnought 3

The design for this is a very sinuous mechanical monster, the perfect mixture of myth and machine. It's also very cinematic, in a way. You see this and you can instantly picture it in the climactic scene of a fun action movie.

Though I am a Britannia player in Dystopian Wars, this mini is just so much fun that I would be tempted to start collecting the Chinese Federation just for this Dreadnought. I cannot wait to see how it looks as a miniature.

Is this Dystopian dragon to your liking?

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