Eclipse: Second Dawn For The Galaxy Coming This Year

February 19, 2018 by brennon

Lautapelit is going to bringing a new edition of Eclipse, the epic spacefaring board game, to the tabletop this year with Second Dawn For The Galaxy.

Eclipse - Second Dawn For The Galaxy

I have played the original game and it certainly does give the feel of a monumental empire stretching out into the stars. It doesn't take as long to play as Twilight Imperium either which is always a big plus!

Eclipse - Second Dawn For The Galaxy Tile Preview

The new version of the game features...

  • New graphic design, while maintaining the acclaimed symbology of the first edition
  • An introductory short story by award-winning science fiction novelist Johanna Sinisalo, providing rich background for the world of Eclipse
  • A full line of Ship Pack #1 miniatures
  • New miniatures for ancients, GCDS, orbitals, and more
  • Custom plastic inlays
  • Custom combat dice
  • Fine-tuned gameplay

It's neat that the game is going to come with some additional miniatures for you to use for the various races as well as upgrades to the likes of Ancients and Orbitals as they were just traditional cardboard tokens in the original game.

One of the things that I would like to see looked into is how war always seems to be the way forward in this game. Whilst it might just be my experience with the game, expanding and taking control of other systems whilst also going to war at the same time seemed to be the main focus of the game however much you looked into research and such.

Maybe this game just isn't for me in that regard, and to its credit Eclipse does some awesome things with their technology and it can be a rewarding game to play. However, I think from my big space games I'd like to feel there was an alternative path to victory.

Will you be taking a look at this second edition of the game?

"It doesn't take as long to play as Twilight Imperium either which is always a big plus!"

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