The Two Player Rules of Escape Break Out onto the Internet

June 18, 2013 by dracs

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As of writing this the Kickstarter for Taban's board game Escape has only 12 days left to go. We have seen some pretty cool stuff on it, but now Taban are providing us with a taste of the rules themselves.

Escape Basic Rules

These rules can be found at this link and can also be followed to from the Kickstarter. They outline the basics of the game of Escape, as well as some of the specific rules for the factions, making it a good way to get a rough idea of the game before you decide whether or not to support it.

As well as these rules, Taban have unveiled some cool sculpts and even some bases to entice us further.

Escape Bases

Escape Cryogenic Tank

Escape Scarabot and Flybot

The bases are very nice and it is particularly cool to see those little robot things painted up, but I just find myself intrigued by the cryogenic tanks and the possibilities they might have for game scenarios.

If you want to check out the rules you can find them here and be sure to pledge your support to the Kickstarter itself.

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