Creepy Creatures & Katana Wielding Women For Taban’s Eden

November 6, 2013 by brennon

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Taban Miniatures has previewed a few more of their releases for November and the world of Eden. These creatures are some very odd little creations indeed and they send shivers up my spine!

Fangeux-Mireling V2 (Front)

Fangeux-Mireling V2 (Rear)

First up we have this very creepy looking Fangeux/Mireling which is actually version two of a sculpt. The thing that interests me about the model is that it's simple but effective.

It looks like there isn't much to it but when you think about painting those muscles and bringing out the definition as well as skin tone you have a lot more to think on.

Dogues Chitineux Pack

Following along behind the Mireling is this small duo of Dogues Chitineux miniatures. They look like creatures of the post-apocalypse and something that dwells in the dark corners of abandoned buildings just waiting for hapless wanderers to fall into their ambush.

Birgit (Front)

Birgit (Rear)

Talking of hapless adventurers what do you think of Birgit? I must say that I might have to reevaluate the term as she seems like she can deal with anything that might come her way when swinging those katana around.

It's good that as well as creating these strange creatures and oddball survivors they also do some interesting natural looking miniatures that could be at home in other game worlds too. I could see Birgit also making a name for herself in a zombie apocalypse!

What do you think of their creatures and survivors?

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