Dante’s Angels Get Released On The World Of Eden!

December 18, 2014 by brennon

The world of Eden is another game getting itself a new website and Dante's Angels have also been released! The new gang gets itself a Limited Edition Boxed Set too...

Dante's Angels





Once again I'm a big fan of Lilith and Andras and I still think Moloch might be a tad bow legged. The newer addition in the way of Zagan is pretty awesome though and I think he gets the road warrior thing down well.

The boxed set comes with all four of these deadly post-apocalyptic warriors and 4 profile cards, 3 missions, 4 tactics, 1 special rules card and 3 maneuver cards, 32 pages rulebook.

Limited Edition Components

You can also get your hands on these additional components for customising Zagan if you order one of the limited edition boxed sets. I don't think I'd add the body to the front but I would certainly think about the helmet.

Are you going to pick up these Angels?

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