This December a New Faction Joins EDEN

December 4, 2012 by dracs

On the 5th of December a new faction is joining the post-apocalyptic wastelands of EDEN. Are you prepared to face the might of the Askari?

EDEN - New Faction

The Askari are a desert dwelling tribe of bio-mechanical mutants, their bodies twisted and grotesque and utterly awesome!

EDEN - Askari

This first set will be up for order from the 5th of December and the first 500 orders will also receive a  limited edition model, images of which should go up on the 6th (hey, just in time for my Birthday! I know what I want).

Of course, we're still waiting for this guy's miniature to appear.

EDEN Cosplay

Do any of you EDEN players think that this will be a force to fear?

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