Eden’s Angela Gets A New Rather Skimpy Look

January 15, 2015 by dracs

Taban Miniatures have a new piece of concept art showing an alternate design for the Eden Convoy character Angela.


I have noted before that something about the post-apocalypse makes everyone's dress sense go a bit weird, and Angela is the perfect example. She has a corrugated metal mini-skirt! That has got to hurt.

This new concept shows Angela in a far more dynamic pose than her current model, depicted bringing her awesome axe about to cause some serious carnage.

Angela Model

If I am honest, I can't tell which of these designs I prefer. True, the concept is a more exciting with some great motion to it, but it also shows her rather knock-kneed, while the current model's more understated design actually makes her a bit more intimidating. We will have to wait for the final model to see how they compare.

Which do you prefer for your games of Eden?

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