Eden’s Latest Concepts Start Appearing in Awesome Mini Form

April 9, 2014 by dracs

The last few days we received a selection of new concepts for the April releases of the sci-fi post-apocalypse game Eden. Now Taban are starting to unveil them in the finished miniature form.


If anything, Jurgen here manages to look slightly crazier now he is sculpted and painted. It's probably something to do with the goggles.

However, I am not so sold on Lahrima and Musharef.

Lahrima & Musharef

These two aren't as interesting as their concept promised. They appear rather static and, all in all, a bit dull. This is a real shame as Eden has some absolutely fantastic miniatures in its range. Still, we can only wait and see how the others turn out.

What are your thoughts on these latest denizens of Eden?

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