You Cannot Escape Taban’s Kickstarter

June 1, 2013 by dracs

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Today the much anticipated Kickstarter for Taban's new board game Escape went live, bringing with it all the horrors of Eden and the chance to get your hands on some of them.

Escape Fight for Freedom

Escape is a board game for between 1-6 players set in the claustrophobic confines of the NOE New World Arks. Players can side with either the Resistance, the remnants of humanity seeking to take to the surface once more, or the ISC Drones tasked with protecting humans from the creatures of Eden's surface. So like the vaults in Fallout 3 if leaving them had been a lot harder than a training level and without the voice of Liam Neeson.

Escape Board Game

But just what will your cash be going towards? As well as allowing Taban to create the game itself the Kickstarter funding should provide them with the resources they need to get making the high quality, multi-part plastic models which will be included in Escape. This would make this board game the perfect gateway into picking up the wargame Eden.

Goodies for funding the Kickstarter include t-shirts and, of course, copies of Escape itself and Taban are also dangling a few stretch goals in front of us, such as all new minis to include in the game.

Dr. Ito

Escape Puppet Master

It looks like this Kickstarter is giving us a lot to get excited about. I just hope we can get a copy of it in the studio to give it a try ourselves.

Who among you think this game shows promise?

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