Crazy Ol’ Ma Rolls Her Wheelchair into Eden

January 8, 2015 by dracs

Eden is well known for its disturbing and often terrifying characters, but this time Taban Miniatures have truly outdone themselves. After all, what is more scary than someone's granny!


Just goes to show, if you can survive the post-apocalypse into your old age things are just going to get weirder. This is Ma and, unsurprisingly, she will be joining the Jokers of Eden.

Ma will make for an incredibly fun sculpts. She is, after all, a wheelchair bound psycho armed with a blow torch. Just how she plays in the game itself will be interesting to see, my guess is that she will be able to get up a fair bit of speed in that chair of hers.

Do you play Eden? Do you think Ma will be a fun addition to the game?

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