Meet Escape’s Resistance on YouTube

June 11, 2013 by dracs

The world of Eden and Escape is very character driven, focusing around the individuals who live in this harsh landscape. Now Taban have started a series of videos giving us the background on the members of Escape's Resistance.

Alice Escape Video

So far two videos have appeared, detailing the background of Resistance members Alice and Ashton respectively.

Ashton Escape Video

The videos give us a brief description of the background of these characters, as well as a general over view of how they will play in the board game Escape, definitely useful for those looking for a better understanding of the game and the play style of the Resistance faction.

However, the voice of the narrator is rather dull and lifeless and the video lacks any sort of backing track to add a sense of drama to what it is conveying.

If you want to help fund Escape head over to the Kickstarter today.

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