What Monster Is This That Descends Upon Eden?

June 11, 2014 by dracs

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Two new concept art pieces have appeared featuring upcoming models that will be joining the world of Eden, one of which looks like someone has just given steroids to a werewolf!

Elkelb - Askaris

This thing, known as the Elkelb, will be joining the Arabic styled Askaris faction. Looks like those post-apocalypse survivors have been playing around with genetic manipulation again. This thing looks truly monstrous, something which should hopefully be shown in the sculpt.

The Elkelb isn't the only June release we'll be seeing this month. The other art piece shows off the Nephilim's own reinforcement.

Hk'Hyudn - Nephilims

Hk'Hyudn here is promised to be something big for Eden's latest faction. He looks it too, with heavy-set muscle that sets him apart from his more diminutive Nephilim compatriots.

Which of these two do you most want to see this month?

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