See the Stats for Two of Eden’s February Releases

February 1, 2015 by dracs

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Two more maniacal models are making their way into the strange world of Eden this February and now we have the chance to check out their stat cards.

Nerghal Reborn


These two miniatures pretty much run the gamut of Eden's disturbing inhuman occupants, from the alien Yl'Tarkh to the horrifying Nerghal Reborn.

By getting to see the stat cards for these two upcoming releases, we can get an idea of how they will play out. Particularly cool is Yl'Tarkh's Out of Phase Nerghal Field, meaning that when he's in the thick of the slaughter he can start bringing Nerghal Reborn onto the field. Definitely a useful, if somewhat scary, ability.

Do you play Eden? What do you think of the stats on display here?

"Yl'Tarkh's Out of Phase Nerghal Field means he can start bringing Nerghal Reborn onto the field."

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