Taban Miniatures Rabbit on About New Eden Releases

August 1, 2012 by brennon

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Taban Miniatures have a few Eden releases for July, mostly aiding in giving some character to the objective based missions within the game. Check out these little morsels below...

Ox, Windmill, Trapped Rabbits

Here we have...

- 3 Trapped Rabbits for Grigoriy of the Jokers
- The Windmills (15cm tall, 3 units) – Resistance mission
- The Ox, for the Convoy mission

I quite like this nod towards the darkly comic with Eden, especially the idea of 'trapped' rabbits. But these aren't the only releases, there is also a new starter pack...

Matriarchy Starter Set

This Matriarchy Set can be bought from the snazzy looking web store.

How many of you have played Eden?

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