Taban’s Latest Monster Show Eden is a Game of Tooth and Claw

July 7, 2014 by dracs

Taban Miniatures are showing off another of their latest additions to the world of Eden. this time we see the bestial new Elkelb of the Askaris.

Elkelb - Askaris

Elkelb - Askaris Back

A member of the Arabian themed Askaris, Elkelb here stands out from the rest of his faction by dint of being a massive werewolf monster! He doesn't look quite as bulky as his concept art had suggested, but the sculpt does have a lot of lithe motion to its design.

Elkelb is a welcome addition to Eden, keeping with its twisted style and just leaving me wanting to find out more about this world where aliens, clowns and werewolves are running around.

Do you play Eden? What faction is your favourite?

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