The Next Wave of Eden is Ready to Scuttle Out of Taban

February 20, 2014 by dracs

Eden is well known for its bizarre and disturbing, yet excellently sculpted, take on the post-apocalypse genre. Now Taban Miniatures are bringing out a bunch more minis to take on the terror of this world.

Eden Releases

We had already seen a couple of these, but my favourite has to Ghazi. Because he is riding a giant mutated bug creature, that's why!

As well as these new models, Taban are also releasing a bunch of terrain and tokens to help enhance your games.

Eden Tokens

Eden Terrain

The terrain pieces may be relatively small additions to the tabletop, but they will help to establish the unique style and atmosphere of Eden. They will also help you to break up areas of open ground, meaning you will be able to avoid kill zone situations where the enemy just has to wait for you to break cover.

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