The World of EDEN Spreads to IndieGoGo

November 5, 2012 by dracs

Taban Miniatures have announced that they will be giving their post-apocalyptic game EDEN a community funded boost over at IndieGoGo.

EDEN Rulebook

The funding campaign is geared towards allowing Taban to start bringing out the English version of their rules in a hard back, full colour medium. As all us collectors and bibliophiles know, everything is awesome in hardback. Except maybe the Twilight series.

EDEN Rulebook Inside

The book looks to be a rather nice product, with characteristic art and more clearly laid out rules, as well as providing you with plenty of detailed back story. This book is sure to make it easier to get playing EDEN than ever before.

Have any of you played EDEN? Would you support this project on IndieGoGo?

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