Continue Your Cthulhuoid Investigations in Elder Sign’s New Expansion

March 25, 2013 by dracs

A new preview has appeared from Fantasy Flight Games for a new expansion for the great Lovecraftian dice game Elder Sign. Prepare to deal with Unseen Forces.

Elder Sign Unseen Forces

This expansion will be bringing all manner of new goodies to your game, including new mythos cards, investigators, monsters and even some new custom die to help represent the attempts of your investigators and the machinations of the Elder Ones.

Elder Sign Unseen Forces Components

As the name suggests, this game really focuses on creating the sense of your investigators being in the grip of forces beyond their control, so one of the primary additions Unseen Forces will be bringing is the addition of Cursed and Blessed cards and dice.

Blessed and Cursed

As you would expect these can either help or hinder you. Being blessed adds the white dice to your pool, bringing you an extra resource to draw upon.

Getting cursed, on the other hand, brings major repercussions as you have to use the black dice. Every time you roll and your black dice matches the result of another dice you have to discard both of them. Nasty!

Elder Sign is probably one of my favourite games from Fantasy Flight so I am really excited about this expansion. What do you guys think of it?

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