Fantasy Flight Add the Terror of Ithaqua to Elder Signs Omens

October 15, 2012 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight have announced that an expansion to their game Elder Signs Omens is coming to your iPhone, iPad and now to Android as well. Dare you start down the Trail of Ithaqua?

Elder Sign Omens - Trail of Ithaqua

The Trail of Ithaqua begins its story with a mysterious statue and a cry for help from Dr. Ashley Lott, an archeologist. Dr. Lott is fleeing from some terrible malevolence that has plagued her arctic expedition ever since they uncovered the ivory figurine. She desperately needs help, and has managed to send the idol to the museum with her note. Now that horrible force has focused its attention on the idol’s newest owner: You!

Elder Sign Omens - Ithaqua

The Trail of Ithaqua not only brings players up against a new, terrifying Old One, but it also introduces a whole new style of game play. Rather than searching for Elder Signs players must gather up supplies for an Arctic expedition deep into Alaska.

Elder Sign Omens - Ithaqua Arctic Trail

Once out on the expedition you will have to act quickly, for each turn your supplies will be depleted. Will you be able to stop Ithaqua in time? Or will you die from starvation out on the frozen tundra?

The original Elder Sign Omens was a great addition to my collection of gaming apps and quickly became a firm favourite of mine. I will definitely be downloading this new addition and setting out to battle the elements and the elder things, all from the comfort of the office.

Have any of you tried this game out? Will you download this expansion?

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