Dark Future Girls Get Stuck Into Gang Warfare From Elladan

December 14, 2017 by brennon

It's no surprise that in the wake of Necromunda's release we're seeing other companies coming out with alternative figures for you to use. Elladan have been tinkering away with their Dark Future range and come up with this gang of women for you to use in your gritty Sci-Fi games.

Dark Future Girls #1

The collection spans eight different named models each sculpted in individual poses so you have a nice bit of variety amongst your gang. They come with similar armaments including pistols and hand weapons but a few are also wielding special weapons too.

One assumes Natasha here is considered their leader. Only leaders get to carry around two ridiculously huge pistols right?

Dark Future Girls #2

You also have another painted miniature from the set with Tamara who looks to be carrying a flamethrower.

Dark Future Girls #3

At least she was smart enough to put on some more clothes before she started playing around with fire! Whilst I understand of course these models aren't going to be everyone's choice they do present you with a gang that has that dose of retro charm that I think people are enjoying right now.

What do you think of these Dark Future Girls? I reckon they're just massive KISS fans.

Let us know below...

"Only leaders get to carry around two ridiculously huge pistols right?"

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