Elladan’s Wildmen & Giants Arrive From The North

April 12, 2017 by brennon

If you're looking to expand on that collection of Wildmen that have come down from the North, ready for war, then these new miniatures by Elladan might be for you. See what you think of their Wildlings and Giant which might be neat for any fan of Westeros.


At the head of this collection, we have the Heroes Of The Northern Tribes. If anyone is a fan of Game Of Thrones then they'll know this lot as Rattleshirt, Tormund and Ygritte. Each of them looks great and perfect for dropping into skirmish games and role-playing games for this setting.

For example, there is A Song Of Ice & Fire RPG by Green Ronin and you could easily find a use for this set of heroes or villains in that world.

Last Of The Giants

Following on from them we also have this Giant stomping into the fighting.


As you can see he is massive. While I like the design of his clothing there's something about his face which just doesn't work well for me. I like the facial details on the smaller scale characters we have here but I think they've lost something in the overall look of this Giant.

Still, if you're looking for Wildlings in 28mm this is certainly another avenue to explore, especially considering the rest of their range.

What do you think?

"Following on from them we also have this Giant stomping into the fighting..."

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