Go Crazy For Another New Faction For Empire of the Dead

March 12, 2013 by dracs

Thanks to kickstarter another Empire of the Dead faction could be in the works. Go crazy for the Bedlam Brotherhood.

Bedlam Brotherhood

These unfortunate souls are the survivors of the Red Death, the disease responsible for turning people into zombies. The disease has left them forever changed, showing the world as it really is, filled with ghosts and phantoms. Understandably this has left them a little crazy.

These guys will be joining the other new faction, the Clickers. But now we have also seen the men who are there to combat these mechanical horrors.

Mechana Bat and Steam Knight

Mechana-Bat is the alter-ego of inventor Wayne Van Gelder, who's family were taken away by the Clickers.

The Steam Knight is Van Gelder's friend Hudson. After losing his arm in an unfortunate series of events, Van Gelder made him an infernium powered prosthetic, turning him into the dangerous Steam Knight.

Will any of you be providing the kickstarter funding for the Brotherhood or to keep Van Gelder in the skies of London?

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