The Empire of the Dead is Spreading to Kickstarter

February 6, 2013 by dracs

West Wind have announced that a kickstarter project for one of Beasts of War's favourite skirmish games, Empire of the Dead.

Empire of the Dead Kickstarter

This kickstarter, titled Empire of the Dead Requiem, will hopefully be bringing some great new miniatures for the warbands, allowing you to expand upon the army starter sets.

We have already got a look at some of the minis this kickstarter should be bringing.

Empire of the Dead - Gentlemen with Guns

Quake in fear Darrell, my Prometheus Club is getting more firepower!

I think that this shall be one Kickstarter that I will put some cash towards. With Empire of the Dead being such a great skirmish game I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this kickstarter will bring to it.

Who among you have played Empire of the Dead?

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