Empire of the Dead Get More Thugs, Servants and Strange Contraptions

November 24, 2014 by dracs

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This month has seen a plethora of new minis appear for Empire of the Dead, ranging from every day servants and thugs to the downright weird.

First up, West Wind Productions have come out with new sets of thugs and servants to add a bit of life to the London streets and fill up your crews.


Victorian Servants

Thugs 2

Victorian Servants 2

Order of Dragon Thugs

The inclusion of these models will help to fill the gaps in your own crew, as well as provide an extra challenge when fighting across the streets of London. After all, it could be quite disruptive to your plans when your gentleman nips down a back alley only to be mugged by a group of thugs who happened to be there.

As well as these, West Wind have come out with some interesting characters and more wonderful steampunk contraptions.

Inscruitable Tong

Invisible Man

Infernium Hound

Spirit Vacuum

The Spirit Vacuum has to be my favourite. It's like a steampunk version of the Ghostbusters! I have to include four of those in my Gentleman's Club. The Invisible Man is also a fun addition to the game and one I have to admit I didn't see coming.

Will any of these minis make their way into your games of Empire of the Dead?

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