A New Faction is Clicking its Way into Empire of the Dead

March 8, 2013 by dracs

The Empire of the Dead kickstarter has been going phenomenally well, so well in fact that West Wind have announced a new sinister faction will be entering the steampunk setting. Beware the menacing Clickers!

Empire of the Dead - Clicker Spider

The Clickers are a race of robots who, through exposure to the powerful substance Infernium, have developed a collective intelligence and the ability to self-replicate.

Now they swarm from their factory, clicking their way through the fog shrouded streets, searching for people to drag back for dissection.

The spindly design of this first Clicker, called the Clicker Spider, looks truly menacing and puts me in mind of the robot designs we saw in the CGI film 9. The idea of a faction of sentient, steampunk robots is really cool and I cannot wait to see how they look when realised in miniature form.

Will you build an army of steampunk automata?

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