Learn to Drive in Empire of the Dead

February 20, 2013 by dracs

The Empire of the Dead kickstarter has stopped progressing by leaps and bounds and has decided to take a coach instead.

Empire of the Dead - Coaches Rules

West Wind have announced that they will be adding these rules for driving coaches and carriages through the foggy streets, which sounds like a very interesting addition to a skirmish game. I'm not quite sure how they will work in game terms, but I'm just loving the idea of hanging out the side with a gatling gun.

A new villain has also been revealed, stepping out from the smoky depths of his opium den beware the Inscrutable Tong!

Inscruitable Tong

A member of the criminals gang, this dangerous opium fiend is going to be doing far more than simply grooving at the sound of colours.

Have any of you donated to the kickstarter yet?

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