Queen Victoria Is Not Amused In Empire Of The Dead

November 16, 2012 by brennon

Check out some of the new miniatures coming out for Empire of the Dead by West Wind Productions. First up we have the mighty Queen Victoria who is certainly not amused...

Queen Victoria

One of the greatest queens in English history makes an appearance on the tabletop of Empire of the Dead! But she needs someone to protect her and that's where her brave bobbies (Police Officers!) come in...

Victorian Police Officers

There are other variations to come in the future as well with different weapon options. I do really like these models, plenty of character and well sculpted!

Monk #1

Monk #2

And it seems that even the religious are bringing the guns to bare against the supernatural forces from West Wind. Some Monks with Guns are always a deterrent when the dead are rising.

Siberian Brute Sergeant

And if you want a bit more muscle the Siberian Brute Sergeant is coming in December, a mighty warrior ready to crush and pummel but just slightly further forwards in Secrets of the Third Reich.

What do you think you'll be picking up?

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