Ride Around in Empire of the Dead’s New Coaches

December 2, 2014 by dracs

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Following up on their new character models for Empire of the Dead, West Wind Productions have also released three new coaches for you to drive around the smoggy streets of London.

Brewery Wagon


Queen Victoria's Landau

I particularly like the inclusion of Queen Victoria's own mode of transport in Empire of the Dead. Not only does it make for the perfect objective, it means I could possibly have a character pull a Deadpool moment of hijacking the Queen's coach!

Each of these were released along with all the other cool models we saw recently and can be picked up on the West Wind webstore. Whether you want some royalty or just fancy hijacking a brewer's cart for a drink, these coaches each add fun new gameplay options to Empire of the Dead.

Would you take a coach around the ye olde London of this game?

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