West Wind Productions’ Empire Of The Dead Kickstarter Live!

February 14, 2013 by brennon

In the wake of the collapse of Beyond the Gates of Antares and it's Kickstarter a new one rises from the ashes and hopes you will pledge. Check out West Wind Productions Kickstarter for Empire of the Dead...

Nadezhda Durova - Vampire Slayer

This fundraiser aims to complete their already growing miniatures line and get you a whole bunch of different models for the various factions. Above you can see the limited edition miniature that will be a reward for all who pledge, Nadezhda Durova - Vampire Slayer.

Armed Brothers

London Bobbies

Order of the Dragon

Single Models

West Wind have a nice selection of miniatures on offer and plenty that are still locked waiting for pledge levels to rise. There seems to be a faction for everyone in this game, from zombies to policemen, to werewolves and vampires.

My particular favourite has to be the Brotherhood. Priests with guns are always fun!

Enter the Empire

If you fancy being a really big contributor they also have a pretty special prize for you. Pledging £700 nets you a one off miniature done to your own specifications. Pretty crazy!

What do you think of this Kickstarter?

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