Clamber Into A Gaz Tiger Russian Humvee With Empress Miniatures

September 7, 2016 by brennon

Empress Miniatures are adding to their range of Modern Warfare Era vehicles with the Gaz Tiger, a big and mean Russian Humvee. It doesn't just transport your soldiers around either as it comes armed to the teeth.

Gaz Tiger #1

It looks like a big hunk of metal so it won't be getting shoved around anytime soon. With a machine gun mounted on the roof, it will also be providing some much needed covering fire for your troops.

Gaz Tiger (Scale)

It looks massive when sitting next to a regular soldier and I reckon I'd feel very safe with this nearby.

Gaz Tiger #2

While this is a Russian vehicle it has also appeared alongside the Chinese military too so you could always swap this over to fit into their force if desired.

You will be able to pick this up at Colours this Saturday if you'd like to be one of the first to have it in their collection.

Do you like it?

"It also has a machine gun mounted on the roof for when you need some covering fire..."

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