Empress Don The Warpaint With Modern Military Specialists

February 12, 2014 by brennon

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Empress Miniatures have got themselves kitted out and they are sending three new military specialist teams into the warzone for some behind the scenes action. See what you think of these USMC and PLA special forces.

USMC with Night Vision

USMC Frogmen

PLA Special Forces

Certainly no slouches when it comes to making metal figures Empress have done a pretty good job on these. My one niggle would be that some of the models appear to be a bit on the lanky side but that could just be me used to seeing more heroic scale miniatures.

Combined with the kind of special forces models companies like Hasslefree bring out it would be neat to do a skirmish based game using these kind of specialists.

With some modern soldiers there's nothing really stopping you from using these within the Bolt Action rules system and making them one of the veteran specialist units.

Worth a look?

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