Hold Your Horses With New Minis From Empress Miniatures

September 14, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Empress Miniatures is always coming up with some really impressive and unique sculpts. Most times they add to the atmosphere of a battle in progress on the game table. This time is no different, with the release of the Zulu War Horse-holders there are two options: British Mounted Infantry and the Boer version.

They each come with swappable heads to add some variety and the sculpts themselves are crisp and would a pleasure to paint. I am particularly fond of the British Mounted Infantry one, because he could be used in the grand last stand of the 24th Foot at Isandlwana.

I can see it now the aid holding Lieutenants Melville and Coghill mounts as they get ready to race off to save the colours as the tide of Zulu warriors comes rushing in. What honour these men displayed for something they believed in.

These fine miniatures would be a wonderful addition to anyone's collection from this time period. These are in 28mm scale and would go nicely with Black Powder rules.

What is your favorite period in time to game?

"...he could be used in the grand last stand of the 24th Foot at Isandlwana"

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