Empress Miniatures Joins Forces With Paul Hicks On Late WWII GIs

February 24, 2017 by stvitusdancern

Empress Miniatures are known for finding excellent sculptors to bring you the very best in historical miniatures.

This time is no exception, as they have teamed up with Paul Hicks to bring you some late WWII American GIs. These soldiers will be outfitted in the late 1944 M43 uniform.

The same "modern" uniform that Americans saw for the remainder of the war through the Korean War and into the very earlier stages of the Vietnam War (before America acknowledged involvement).

They are also equipped with a nice variety of weapons as well to include the M1 Garand, M1 Thompson Submachine gun, BAR, and rifle launched grenades.

These are in white metal and are 28mm scale. I would like to add some of these to my Bolt Action army.

What do you think of these?

"These soldiers will be outfitted in the late 1944 M43 uniform..."

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