Project Genesis Is Coming From Empress Miniatures

September 7, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Empress Miniatures is releasing a post apocalyptic  miniatures range in 28mm. The range will be called Project Genesis, and the background is that a mission went to Mars to investigate an object believed to be from a alien civilization.

Something happened to the team, and upon returning to earth an infection happens and causes devastation. Earth, thankfully has a response in a special operations team, called Project Genesis and they were created to handle all sorts of unusual circumstances.


In the releases shown you can see some military operatives and civilians with whatever weapons they can get their hands on. The other packs include what appears to be infected soldiers and infected special characters to include Santa Claus, a clown, a bunny waitress and yes Elvis of all people. This can make for some very interesting game play.

Are you ready to handle the apocalypse?

"...upon returning to earth an infection happens and causes devastation."

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