Unboxing: Empress Miniatures’ MGS Stryker & Humvee

June 3, 2015 by dignity

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Keith from Empress Miniatures has once again joined John to show off some more awesome looking modern warfare vehicles. This time we go stateside for US military mainstays the MGS Stryker and the iconic Humvee.

Unboxing: Empress Miniatures' MGS Stryker

The Stryker is an eight wheeled armored fighting vehicle with the MGS variant being a Mobile Gun System with a 105mm gun.

Unboxing: Empress Miniatures' Humvee (Weapons Station)

If you've ever seen an action or modern war film you'll instantly recognise the Humvee. It's not going to be out of place in Sci-Fi or Horror either so don't feel like it's restricted to historical gaming!

How would you utilise the Humvee in a zombie game?

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