WWII US Soldiers & Command Jeep Coming Soon From Empress

May 9, 2017 by brennon

Looking towards the Late War period of World War II Empress Miniatures has previewed some of the upcoming US Troops and the Command Jeep which will be hitting their webstore soon.

US Troops

Above you can see some of the US Troops that they've been working on, each of them in proper battlefield stances battling against the enemy on the streets of some French town. It's great to see an array of different sculpts building on the character of a unit.

This is then combined with this group which could work as the command element of your force.

US Troop Command

Here you have a number of different soldiers working through their maps and making sure everything is where it should be! This would make for a great diorama with them all hunkered down in a forest somewhere.

A Commanding Ride

Sticking with the theme of command elements in your force they also have this Jeep which features your armies leader driving around the battlefield.

US Command Jeep #1

He looks rather relaxed here which makes me think this, again, would work more within the realms of a diorama rather than as a piece for the battlefield.

US Command Jeep #2

The kits aren't completely finished for these releases but the folks at Empress were so excited about showing them off that they had to get them out there.

I think they're awesome and a great addition to their World War II range.

What do you make of them?

"This would make for a great diorama with them all hunkered down in a forest somewhere..."

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