Last Weekend For Endure The Stars With Grimlord Games On Kickstarter

December 5, 2015 by brennon

Grimlord Games are on Kickstarter with their new one to five player cooperative board game called Endure The Stars. A genetically engineered lifeform on the station has gone wild and you have to try and escape its clutches, surviving and battling against the creatures in the shadows...

Endure The Stars

You will take control of one of five different characters and then undertake missions to explore the ruins of the ship. Each character comes with their own unique range of special abilities and skills which help the crew as a whole.


Here are the different survivors you can choose to play as in the game. Everyone of them will have their own miniature, each of which will stand at 35mm in scale and be made of plastic.




I love the design for these characters, especially the Captain and the Marine. In saying that the Psychic below is also pretty fantastic. You can find out more about how the characters work and the game itself by downloading their rulebook and giving it a read HERE.



Each of the characters have access to three 'skills' which are labelled as passive, active and crisis. This ability is used as a 'get out of jail free' card once a scenario. In the case of the Engineer he can cut through walls to make quick escape routes when the going gets tough.


You can't have a survival horror without some enemies though and the GEPS are dangerous foes indeed. They were, as I mentioned earlier, genetically engineered to help but have gone rouge. They start out as blips on the game board, hidden from sight, until you agitate them where they get a lot bigger and scarier.




Your objective is to complete your task and escape the sections of the ship, made using modular tiles, before the GEPS know you are there and start swarming around you. I like that it has the start of a timed element to proceedings where you're trying to balance rushing it and making too much noise/running into creeps, and completing the objective safely.

The Titan is the big enemy roaming around the station and you do not want to be caught by that.

Add-Ons & Stretch Goals

This game is going through the last few hours on Kickstarter right now and they have unlocked a whole bunch of additional stretch goals and add-ons. First off we're going to be looking at a couple of the Add-Ons that I think are awesome for this game.

Gender Variant Character Classes

Robotic Sentries

I really like the addition of gender variants for the various classes in the game. I think this is important as a lot of gamer groups now are incredibly mixed and it's nice to feel that both men and women can play as characters they can get stuck into. It also just adds to the overall feel of the game being 'your' adventure through this deadly star ship.

Stretch Goal wise the team have also been busting heads!

Geneticist Character Class

GEPS Incoming

Some of their stretch goals have added more character classes to the game which is awesome to see, spicing up the variety, and we also have more models appearing in the core box. For example you get an additional twenty bloomin' GEPs in the main boxed game now thanks to the backers support.

Last but not least this is the stretch goal I hope they unlock in their final few hours. I love the look of this Exo Loader and I think it would be utterly epic to see it pop up in the game.

CHO Exo Loader Miniature

Beyond that we have additional creatures and more popping up within the wings so if you like the look of this game I would could and consider pledging. Don't forget to check out the video review from Undead Viking above too.

What do you reckon on the game so far?

"Everyone of them will have their own miniature, each of which will stand at 35mm in scale and be made of plastic..."

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