Grimlord Show Off Impressive Models For Endure The Stars

May 10, 2016 by brennon

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Grimlord Games have shown off some rather great looking miniatures for their board game, Endure The Stars, which we had a look at a couple of months ago. Here you can see some of the survivors and monsters that will be hunting you in game...

Endure #1

First off we're going to take a look at some more of the characters for this game like the one you see above. Considering that we only saw renders for the most part during the campaign these have turned out really nicely!

Endure #2

Endure #3

They've captured loads of impressive detail across the armour and clothing as well as great facial expressions too. I think they all look like ace Sci-Fi heroes from their grim dark world.

Endure #4

This last lady looks like she's throwing caution to the wind and getting stuck in with that sword of hers. I think she might want to consider being a little more cautious considering the beats that dwell out there in the darkness!


As well as the heroes we also have some monsters to take care of. This isn't by any means all of their creatures on offer but you can see more over on their Facebook Page.

Endure Beast #1

Endure Beast #2

I think these are looking just as good and very nice board game components. I love the mash up of mechanical and organic that we're seeing here which incidentally is very DOOM.

Endure Beast #3

I think they have a nice menagerie of beasts for you to play around with here. But we're not done yet!

Big Guys

As well as all of these guys they also showed off some of their bigger models.

Endure Robot

Here we have a massive Robot with some nasty looking weapons at its disposal including those shoulder mounted cannons. This is my favourite though!

Endure Suit

I think this is a great looking walker-type which looks like it could do a lot of damage. I imagine that something like this would do a lot of damage in a normal work-place environment but when pitted against aliens - even more so.

I really love the facial details here on this particular walker.

What do you think of their offerings?

"Considering that we only saw renders for the most part during the campaign these have turned out really nicely!"

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