Epic Death! Busts Target With Stretch Goals Ahead

May 13, 2013 by brennon

Last week I took at a look at a Kickstarter for Epic Death!, a card game by Waits in Graves. It certainly looks like an insanely fun card game and I'm glad it bust through it's initial funding goal. Check out what's been unlocked so far...

Epic Death Promo Cards

Epic Death! Events Booster

Above you can see a look at the promo cards that will be included within the game, the Holy Lightsword and Looking For Group. As well as that there is a look at the Epic Death! Event Booster Pack which includes some fun variables that will make your games that bit more fun and individual each time you play.

I love the artwork here, which is done by the very talented Beth Beynon-Hughes and Sam Lamont as it suits the comical nature of the game. You can see some of the character art and cover art by clicking on the links.

What do you think of Epic Death?

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