Epic Death! The Card Game Gets A Hardcore Mode Soon!

November 6, 2014 by brennon

Epic Death! which we reviewed a little while back from Waits In Graves will be getting an expansion called Hardcore Mode! Things get deadlier, heroes become more powerful, and rewards become decidedly more enticing!

Hardcore Mode Box Art

The first thing to note is how much more powerful heroes have become and you'll be getting yourself a new set of them to go dungeon delving with.


Card Anatomy

As you can see from the breakdown of the cards above each of the heroes comes with a new class power that is triggered by rolling the number of dice and the value of them above the artwork. This will include cool things like being able to attack back and slay adventurers who might have thrown in Fate cards to screw you over during an encounter!


Heritage Powers

Loot has also got an upgrade with items not only having a victory point value but also giving bigger bonuses when you collect a full set. For example Four Corners allows you to re-roll your entire dice pool once per game which is pretty awesome!

The Expansions for the game come in two sets, Epic Loot and Epic Adventurers meaning you can either split them up and play with each set and the original game or put them both together for the full on hardcore experience.

The Kickstarter for this will begin soon and we'll keep you updated on it!

Did you play Epic Death!?

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