Epic Death! Push Higher Taking On New Stretch Goals

May 18, 2013 by brennon

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Epic Death! have been having more success with their Kickstarter breaking through to unlock some new Tokens for the game and the potential of more promotional cards on the horizon. Check it out from Waits in Graves...

Epic Skull Tokens

The first new addition has been these Epic Skull Tokens for marking which quests have been completed and which haven't. As the creators have said, with such great artwork on the cards why would you want to flip them over when they're done when you could just mark them?

Jane's Cap

As a nod to a popular space faring franchise they also have this promotional card lined up, Jane's Cap. If you don't get the reference then someone should really lend you their Joss Whedon DVD collection.

Epic Death Characters

And finally we have a look at some of the different race cards that are already included within the game but deserve an outing. I have been using the drunken Dwarf card art as my Steam avatar since I saw it but I might have to switch it out for Bron Hatebeard. In fact my next D&D character might have to have that name.

It's all looking pretty damn fun!

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