Search For An Epic Death! On Kickstarter From Waits In Graves

November 10, 2014 by brennon

Epic Death! Hardcore Mode, which we previewed last week from Waits in Graves, has now hit Kickstarter and they're fighting their way through deadlier dungeons in search of more epic loot to claim their final Epic Death. See what you think of some of the heroes, loot and powers below...

Hardcore Mode



Loot Abilities

Heroes now come with special powers on their cards which are triggered when you roll a certain number of dice with the same value on it. These can help you out of a bind or indeed hit back at your enemies as they try and mess with your heroic saga. Loot has also got an upgrade with full sets giving you bonus powers as you can see above.

Each of these sets can be used separately from each other with the main game or can be combined for the full hardcore experience. As well as the new cards there's a chance to get the reprint of the main boxed game if you missed out the first time. Check out our review for more on that!

Epic Death! Review

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