Taban Pull the Strings of Their New Puppet Master for Escape

June 27, 2013 by dracs

There are only four days left for the Kickstarter which Taban Miniatures set up to fund their board game Escape and with us nearing the end we get to see one of the coolest miniatures from the world of Eden ever! The Puppet Master.

Puppet Master

This lovely contraption was recently unlocked and it is just so cool to see its miniature, which seems to have followed the concept art closely.

Puppet Master Concept

The attention to detail on this sculpt is just astounding. Wires and pipes can be seen all over it, while the masks and cherubs give it the look of a rather disturbing shrine. The only problem I might have is that the legs do not really look like they can support the thing's weight, but when combined with those arms I doubt this is really a huge problem.

It's hunched appearance is reminiscent of a gorilla, a strangely primal element when combined with the miniatures otherwise high-tech and disturbing appearance, but this somehow seems to make the Puppet Master more unsettling. All in all an awesome miniature which I would love to see painted up.

If you want to help fund Escape you better hurry to the Kickstarter while you can!

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