A Mighty Statue, The Arconte, Stands Tall From Escenorama

December 6, 2016 by brennon

Escenorama previewed a rather impressive looking statue that would be the pride of any tabletop over on their Facebook Page with The Arconte...

The Arconte #1

An ancient statue that your armies might find lost to time deep within a ruined city or out on the planes of some blasted landscape. The actual detail on offer here is wonderful and it would be a joy to paint.

For example, this would be awesome to see used in Age of Sigmar guarding one of the large Realm Gates which allow whole armies to pass through them.

The Arconte #2

Inside the statue, you can also find treasures from an ancient era. Maybe these could be the prize sought after by a Chaos horde? Imagine getting together some rules to smash the statue to pieces so that you can find the treasures below, gifting your hero for a new magical weapon.

What do you think?

"Maybe these could be the prize sought after by a Chaos horde?"

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