Eureka’s Fantastical Hawkmoon Range Now Available

December 1, 2016 by brennon

Based on the work of Michael Moorcock, Eureka Miniatures has now released their Hawkmoon Range which covers characters and warriors from the Runestaff world.

Hawkmoon (Colour)

As big fans of their work they were delighted to be able to sculpt up some of the characters from the stories and they provide you with all manner of awesome miniatures for use in role-playing games.


Included amongst the models available for you to pick up are characters like Hawkmoon here...


...and the decidedly gruff looking Count Brass too. The sculpting quality here is great and you can see how well paint takes to these models on the first image featured here.

Count Brass

Another of the characters that caught my eye was Oladahn here who looks like a Dwarven fellow. I won't pretend to know much about Runestaff and Hawkmoon but the characters all seem rather awesome.


There are more planned I'm sure expanding the range out even more so watch out to see where they go with this one.

Kamarg Soldiers

Additionally, the team at Eureka has also been putting together some of the soldiers and regular troopers from the world of Runestaff with some soldiers armed with hand weapons...

Kamarg Swordsmen

...and others armed with bows so you can make up a decent skirmishing force as well if you wanted.

Kamarg Archers

You can find more models over on their webstore where they have included some command elements to use as part of your collection to.

Are you a fan of Hawkmoon and Runestaff?

"...they provide you with all manner of awesome miniatures for use in role-playing games"

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