Fight Out The Aden Emergency With Eureka Miniatures

October 24, 2016 by brennon

Eureka Miniatures will be providing you with the troops you need to fight out the battles between the British and the Yemeni Tribesmen around the port of Aden (The Aden Emergency) during the period of 1963 and 1967.

Yemeni Hill Tribesmen

The Tribesmen were dressed in their traditional garb and carried stolen weapons. All of the men carried the Jambiya dagger which would be decidedly useful in combat.

Yemeni Hill Tribesmen (Machine Gun)

As well as the rifle armed soldiers there's also some machine guns and sub-machine guns too. They are going to be putting up a stalwart defence against your British soldiers.

Glengarried Men

Fighting for Aden there's a selection of British soldiers wearing the famous Glengarry Caps.

Glengarried Men

"The 'Glengarried Men' represent the famous Argyll and Sutherland regiment, which re-took  the town of Crater, in Aden, from Arab nationalist guerrillas in a text book operation, preceding the final withdrawal of British troops from the region."

Glengarried Men (Machine Guns)

Alongside the regular soldiers you do get access to plenty of special weapons with this set too. It's a fascinating period of history after World War II to play out as Britain decided to close down it's colonial interests.

As a flashpoint during this period, it would be fun to play it out and learn more about it.

What do you think of their collection?

"The Tribesmen were dressed in their traditional garb and carried stolen weapons..."

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