Eureka Miniatures Goes To The Weird Side Of Historical

July 27, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Eureka Miniatures has gone over into the deep end. They posted an update for some new releases that I think you will find very interesting. If you ever thought about turning  the Napoleonic War into the Weird Napoleonic War then these might be for you. Is nothing sacred anymore? In all seriousness you will find some very interesting twists on some familiar characters.

You know those village women that are saved from the oppressive invaders? They may not be so plain after all, Take a closer look and not is all it appears to be, you might see old fragile women with claws and tentacles. These miniatures are from their Chaos line along with some very interesting twists on other familiar characters.

We all know that battlefields were a very ugly place during and after a battle. Ever considered that the remains came back to life as zombies and fought on? If that whole zombie thing is your cup of tea, then you may want to check out these Corpse and Muskets minis.

You can assemble a whole regiment of zombie French soldiers and it lead them is none other than Napoleon the Zombie. There is an interesting back story to these miniatures involving former officers trying to resurrect the glory of the former Napoleon and his army, who entrust this to a Witchdoctor in Haiti. Never trust in Voodoo!

As you can imagine things do not go as planned! So, if you are looking for that unusual twist in your next war game you might just want to check these out from Eureka Miniatures.

Are you a fan of weird war themes?

"Never trust in Voodoo!"

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